Why always girls?? :/

“I won’t be silent now, I’m gonna speak,

What’s my mistake? Why should I be meek?

Yeah! mere justice is all what I seek,

Then why should I hesitate?  I’m not so weak.

I’m strong, yeah! so strong,

That I can fight against the wrong.

“Sympathy” and “Support” is not my greed,

But merely RESPECT is all what I need.

I wanna live my life in a normal way,

I don’t want people to remind me of it every day.

Just wanna prove to all those staring eyes,

That I am not the one who’ll give out cries.

It was like an acute disease,

Which just came for a bloody season,

I don’t wanna be remembered by the world,

For just that one single reason.

But today, I feel one thing in life,

That it’s better to struggle than to strive.

And if I raise my voice for the right,

People will surely join me in my fight.

No matter whatever hurdles blind you,

You are surely gonna find YOU.

So just take one step ahead, and mind you,

The world will take a hundred steps behind you.”
A recent news introduced a term “Lad Culture”, a havoc prevalent in British countries which is a major menace to girls. The fact makes me worried, more than surprised that the condition is almost same across the globe. Forget the culture, caste, status or what-so-ever, it’s always a girl who is victimized. Initially, we heard about increasing rape cases in India, but it’s surprising to know that this ratio is way higher in foreign countries. Sexists are everywhere who are ready to do just anything for a male-dominant society. I mean, as per basic human rights, Right to Equality is applicable to everybody. Or maybe they don’t even consider females as ‘Human’.
This is disgraceful. There should be strict punishment to these bullies and rapists. People should be aware and should raise out a helping hand when they see something like this happening. Most of all, girls should break free. They should put their best foot forward and fight back for their self-respect..

#DazzlingTwilightFirefly  #FightBackGirl


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