Not all who wander are lost..

Just found this simple quote extremely appealing. Umm.. may be cause it just narrates to you, the story if my life, I mean, till date, yes!! No, I’m not lost. Just because I don’t have a specific aim, a goal to achieve in life right now, doesn’t mean that I’m of no use or more specifically, worthless..I can do lots of things, I can pursue my passion, I can follow my interests, I can enjoy my life, my own way.

Though I haven’t decided anything of my future yet, there are some dreams I really wish to fulfill. The first one amongst them is that I wanna become a full-fledged writer-cum-poet some day. I wish my signature could become an ‘Autograph’.. :) Another of my dreams is publishing a novel whose story would be based on all those sweet memories of my school-life!

Lastly, considering me as a crazy lover of Instrumental Music, I want an awesome Royal-Black Synthesizer at my place.
So, what I wanted to convey was that although my mind keeps on skipping from one thing to another, still I am, in no sense, ‘Lost’. I’m just wandering, finding my way, the right way to becoming a star..or better say a ‘Super-Star’, sounds cool, no..? ^_^


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