Trust Break..

Priyanka Agrawal 20150915_232332Yeah! I was an Idiot,
To expect such a lot…
Now I realize, in the end,
That nothing have I got…

Always have a hard time believing people,
But, I still dare to trust,
With a ray of hope in my mind,
That people might not be so unjust…

But my faith was shaken,
Yeah, I was badly mistaken…

And the credit goes to my silly innocence,
Of believing anyone who came my way…
But I got to change my perception,
‘Coz people have completely changed today…

Whatever be the situation,
Always I suffer the pain…
It’s me who has to loose,
Something precious again & again…

The same mistake I won’t make twice,
I’ve got to be more wise…
Now there’s only one motto in life,
“Expect nothing & trust no one,
Suffer less and have more fun..!!”

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