Hats Off Modern Minds..!! *_*

Today, I was taken aback by a sudden thought and I feel an impulsion to write. I was stunned with the thought, why does a girl always gets betrayed in love? Why does she always have to compromise with the circumstances? Why is she dumped like Waste? Why can’t people realize that she is also a Human Being? She also has her own feelings and emotions. She is not something with a stamp of “Use and Throw” on her. The realization of this fact seriously gives me goosebumps. I mean, how can a guy “USE” a girl for his wicked and lascivious desires and throw her out when they have been fulfilled? And all this in the name of Love? It’s completely disgraceful…
Today, love has become a GAME where the guy always wins and the girl has to loose. She has no choice. There is not one single person we can undoubtedly trust. Who knows, the person might turn out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The word “Trust” is loosing its meaning and significance. Today, link-ups and break-ups have become a common issue. Relationship statuses change every second and they call it “Modernized”? Being insensitive about a girl’s emotions and keeping your character at stake for your tempting demands…Is this Modernized? Approving of unacceptable activities and being obsessed with crooked thoughts..Is this what you call Modernized? Then, I am more than happy and satisfied to be confined away from you, “Modernized People”. These modern minds, modern thinking and culture, it’s not my cup of tea…
Today’s youth claims that this is LOVE. But no, love is not so stained with corrupted ideas. It is full of purity and serenity. The feeling of love is diminishing today. It’s a selfish, materialistic world and here, even people are treated as a “Material”. Here, there’s no place for feelings. Today what the youth defines as Love is nothing but an urge for intimacy which, according to me, is strongly disapproved. If they think they can do anything under the shade of love, then I’m sorry, they need to change their mindset. They need to understand the value of a human and his/her emotions. They need to know the difference between right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable. They need to realize that life doesn’t revolve around just one obsessed idea, but there’s much more to conquer. There’s a lot more to discover, to unveil the horizons of mystery and to know the actual meaning of life. :)


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