Never Back Down.. :)

Never gone through situations like that before,

I never knew that people like this even exist.

But if THIS is what life’s all about,

Then I will, for sure, give my best shot to it..

For a kid brought up in a healthy environment,

This is a kind of “Reality-Check”.

Even the slightest issue just kills me inside,

But I won’t back down, I’m gonna fight..

Won’t let the situations break me down,

Won’t let the people shake me down.

No more Back-Benching now,

I’ll head to the pilot seat.

Nothing can rule me, nothing can ruin me,

Finally, I gotta stand on my feet.

” Ignorance is bliss” agreed for a while,

But nobody can ever wipe off my smile.

Unless I provide my own consent,

Nobody can ever spoil up my mood.

Nobody can make me go from “happy” to “rude”..

So, if I’m happy, I’ll just remain,

For this bloody world, I’m not gonna change.

Won’t give a damn to any freakin’ shit,

What matters at all, is the goal I wanna hit.

And at the end, if this is called life,

I’m gonna live it my own way.

Closing my eyes to every shit around,

I’ll always add the ‘Sunshine’ to my sunny day..




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