A  Smile  Will Never Disappoint..

A Smile is like a GIFT,

A priceless gift, of course!

It can work wonders of Joy,

On lives of millions across.

A Smile can spread colours of Love,

It can make up someone’s day.

Then why sit home and spoil your mood??

When you have something to give away.

Smiles themselves are a language,

Speaking louder than words ever could.

Yeah!  Words might mean differently to people,

But Smiles could never be misunderstood.

A Smile is a Wonder Drug,

Which arouses positive Vibes,

It is like a precious Pearl,

Which can light up someone’s Life.

There’s no Tax on Smiling,

It is totally Free of Cost,

Then why not Embellish the world around,

With the Lovely Smile that you’ve got.

A Smile will never Disappoint,

It will never instill Hate.

But it is like a Curve,

Which can set everything Straight.

A Smile will never Disappoint,

It only makes our soul Smile.

Yeah! It’s the cheapest Medicine one can get,

‘Cause it solves all our Problems in a while.

Smile is a Rejoice, a complete Pleasure-Pot,

So just keep Smiling, no matter what.

‘Cause you all look more Beautiful out there,

When you Smile and Smile a lot…!!

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