An Angel Smiling Upon You…

cute_angel_staff_bue_magical_fantasy_girl_hd-wallpaper-1604817A tiny-tot is learning to walk,

Past the floor, stumbling and crawling.

Getting it’s knees badly bruised,

Trying to stand and yet again falling.

Hey, you better don’t worry,

Keep aside the crying.

Forget all those pains now,

And just keep on trying.

Soon you’ll stand, and you’re gonna run too,

Cause you’ve got an Angel, smiling upon you.

The kiddo’s now been sent to school,

In the world of mystery and the unknown.

Where he wails out loud to mom,

Feeling miserable and completely alone.

But hey, you’ve got to keep your calm,

Be bold enough to face your fears.

Slowly you’ll adjust and accept the change,

You’ll realise, there’s no use of shedding tears.

Yes, you’ll succeed in everything you do,

Cause you’ve got that Angel, smiling upon you.

He’s stepped into his teens now,

Where he’s surrounded by numerous troubles.

Jealousy, ego, mood-swings and discontent,

Are all parting him from his friend-circles.

But my friend, don’t think a lot,

There’s a someone special that you’ve got.

Your angel will listen to all your groans,

She is never gonna leave you alone.

Yeah, she’s like a Lucky Charm for you,

You’ve got your Angel, smiling upon you.

Now, the guy’s in search of a job,

He keeps on wandering around and about.

But when he gets to face a failure,

Oh god, he completely freaks out.

But hey, you’ve got to keep the faith,

Everything’s gonna turn out to be okay.

It’s not only about success all the time,

But many a times, it’s failures that lead our way.

So, no matter whatever obstacles haunt you ou,

Remember, you’ve got an Angel, smiling upon you.

Now, he’s on the pinnacle if his career,

Enjoying his lavish, successful life.

But one day, he just comes to remember,

The beautiful Angel of his life.

She has always been the sunshine,

In his dark and gloomy life.

She is the pretty angel,

The smiling Angel of his life.

She has been the ray of hope,

Even in his darkest hour.

She is his guiding Angel,

The brightest shining star.

She still kept on smiling,

When he owed her a big Thank-You,

And kept on enlightening the life of millions,

All the way through and through…


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