That was my mistake…

21152What do I do now?

My whole life is shattered.

Whatever dreams I once had,

Are now completely scattered.

Hey, do you even realise what have you done?

When all you said was a mere ‘Good-Bye’,

Maybe that meant nothing to you,

But I, I just wanted to die.

Overcoming all those hurdles in life,

Yes, I dared to love.

To give you everything you desire,

But you, Is this what you call Love?

If it is so, then I’m really sorry,

To have been part of this bloody story.

Yeah, I seriously feel sorry,

Sorry, to have loved someone like you.

To have wasted my time and emotions,

On someone whom I hardly knew.

I should have known that everyone’s fake,

I hate myself for commiting such a mistake.

Yeah, I was wrong, I made a wrong choice,

I don’t wanna see you again, never wanna hear your voice.

I should have known,

That love always hurts.

Just regret wasting my emotions on someone,

Who was probably not worth the efforts.

Yeah, I dared to love,

I gave it a try.

But inspite of moments of joy,

It gave me a million reasons to cry.

Ohh! I’m so lonely now,

But I’m obviously better.

‘Cause it’s far more safer to be alone,

Than to be with a bloody Traitor.

Yes, I was a fool,

To fall in this ‘Love-Trap’.

Do hell with your love now,

I’m never-ever gonna be back.

Today, I promise one thing in life,

To not trust anybody with closed eyes.

Won’t let anyone break my heart again,

Never wanna handle that pain again.

The pieces of my broken heart lie around in vain,

And I don’t wanna give it a single wound again..



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