Wretched Handwritings.. -.-

Talkin’ about handwritings, there was a time when I was a bright student plus I had the best handwritings in my class. I was very proud of the fact and so were my teachers who never lost a chance to appreciate me. Everything was so awesome. But this was the scenario of class 3. Then came the “Chinese-Pen”. It just irritated me to hell in the beginning. But eventually, it became my Hero. My handwriting still looked great.

But, needless to say, there comes a whole turn-point. The phase of the wicked ball-point pens. Yeah, disasters started happening from class 9 onwards. It just ruined my writing. Still, as there were proper class work copies and assignments to submit, I tried hard to make my copies look good with all those double-underlines and other decorative shit.. ;)

Then there was another stage when I entered into High-School. Here, it was a little easy-going. Nobody paid attention to your hand-writing, plus there were no proper class work copies etc. So my irritation reduced a bit. But the first time I felt insulted was when one day, in class 11, my I.P teacher was distributing the test copies. And even though I was the one to score the highest marks, he, instead of speaking anything about my answers, straight-away commented that ” Please try to write in a legible handwriting next time.” I was shocked, irritated, plus myself guffawing inside at my situation. :D From that day onwards, I even feel disappointed when some friend asks me for my copy and I kindly refuse cause of my stupid hand writing they’re not gonna figure out. :P

And now we arrive to my present situation. It’s just been 2 months now that I stepped into my college life and I am bloody fed up of these freaky letters. They just keep crawling over my pages like little insects, and that too the creepy ones..!! The thing is that I just can’t write on lines. There is no need for a lined copy, I just write wherever I like and more specifically, never on the lines..!! The harder I try to focus on my writing, the more it worsens with every attempt. And then I just give up and let my hands do the work. I have tried using every kind of pen. From chinese pens to pilot pens to gels and ball points. But I guess nothing works with me. It’s just gonna remain like that. God, why didn’t you put me into medical field..atleast then I could’ve had a reason for this.. :V :P

#DazzlingTwilightFirefly :)


40 thoughts on “Wretched Handwritings.. -.-

  1. It never gets better and you have a long ways to go. One day you’ll write the prettiest sentence ever and then the next one will still suck. It’s just life and I think you’re getting that.

    When you get older it really sucks. I had the best handwriting ever and it’s all gone now. Lol! You’ll see.

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  2. Reblogged this on The Twilight Firefly and commented:

    Helllo people! 😂 I just can’t stop laughing after what I saw. I was just going through some of my previous posts and this is what write in the vDry beginning. 😹😹 Tiny Firefly, you are so correct, nothing’s changed even today, I am the same, with the dumb handwriting. Yayyyy!! Cheers to that! 😂😻


  3. One of my best friends has a really bad handwriting and teachers always complain about it in class. It really makes her feel bad. Sometimes she doesn’t really get the marks she deserves because the teachers can’t see what she has written. I understand it can be frustrating. Great post!

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  4. well,, world makes fun of every genius in starting :P.. so don’t feel bad if they did it to you because of your handwriting ;) :D… just tell yourself that one day their will be a writing font on your name like ‘Firefly Font’.. :D

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  5. Haha sooo true!! This happens with me too.. basically clas 10 itne assignment NBS.. the ball pen saved my writing 😂😂😖 it’s like starting pages are so good .. but when we come to last it’s like letters dancing 😂 btw loved your post!!

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