Talkin’ about handwritings, there was a time when I was a bright student plus I had the best handwritings in my class. I was very proud of the fact and so were my teachers who never lost a chance to appreciate me. Everything was so awesome. But this was the scenario of class 3. Then came the “Chinese-Pen”. It just irritated me to hell in the beginning. But eventually, it became my Hero. My handwriting still looked great.

But, needless to say, there comes a whole turn-point. The phase of the wicked ball-point pens. Yeah, disasters started happening from class 9 onwards. It just ruined my writing. Still, as there were proper class work copies and assignments to submit, I tried hard to make my copies look good with all those double-underlines and other decorative shit.. ;)

Then there was another stage when I entered into High-School. Here, it was a little easy-going. Nobody paid attention to your hand-writing, plus there were no proper class work copies etc. So my irritation reduced a bit. But the first time I felt insulted was when one day, in class 11, my I.P teacher was distributing the test copies. And even though I was the one to score the highest marks, he, instead of speaking anything about my answers, straight-away commented that ” Please try to write in a legible handwriting next time.” I was shocked, irritated, plus myself guffawing inside at my situation. :D From that day onwards, I even feel disappointed when some friend asks me for my copy and I kindly refuse cause of my stupid hand writing they’re not gonna figure out. :P

And now we arrive to my present situation. It’s just been 2 months now that I stepped into my college life and I am bloody fed up of these freaky letters. They just keep crawling over my pages like little insects, and that too the creepy ones..!! The thing is that I just can’t write on lines. There is no need for a lined copy, I just write wherever I like and more specifically, never on the lines..!! The harder I try to focus on my writing, the more it worsens with every attempt. And then I just give up and let my hands do the work. I have tried using every kind of pen. From chinese pens to pilot pens to gels and ball points. But I guess nothing works with me. It’s just gonna remain like that. God, why didn’t you put me into medical field..atleast then I could’ve had a reason for this.. :V :P

#DazzlingTwilightFirefly :)