Prejudiced Intellectuals..

An innocent kid belonging to Texas, U.S is restigated from his school for three days. The reason being a home-made clock made by the 14-year-old merely to impress his teachers. But the teachers mistook it as perhaps looking like a bomb and straight-away called the cops. This is unbelievably ironical cause they did no attempts to evacuate the building or call the bomb-squad to diffuse the bomb and other precautions that one takes in this kind of situation. Rather, they were with the kid all of the time which questions their intentions if they actually thought there was a bomb.

Was this situation created only to humiliate an african-muslim-kid? Is racism so much prevalent today that it does not even spare the teachers getting involved? And that too just because the kid was of brown skin? What if he was a white-kid? Would they have then showered words of appreciation upon him? Just because he was a muslim boy, that clock looked like a bomb? This is disgraceful.

Humanity just lost it’s meaning after this. I mean, what is the role of a teacher at all? A teacher is someone who imparts knowledge to the pupils irrespective of their caste, gender, and even their Race. His only aim is to spread knowledge, then how does it matter if the student is of a white skin or brown? Why this prejudice? This is unacceptable. The kid should get justice as soon as possible. The teachers should accept their fault.

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