Expectation is directly proportional to pain.. :'(

I don’t know where I am going wrong. I mean, everyone is always right in his own eyes, but the world sees everything differently. I just wanted to share my thoughts. It’s a renowned fact that an extra of everything is lethal. Same is the case with these freakin’ concerns. Extra-care just bloody ruins the effect. What do I explain, life has just turned so miserable that I end up doing things which prove me insensible sometimes. And it feels bad, really, really bad. People just moved on. I did not. I’m still stuck up there. Expectation is the menace. It always turns ME into a villain. I mean, what do I do? I guess this is the thing with life. Talkin’ in physics, I can just sum it up like: “Expectation is directly proportional to pain..” The more you expect, the more you get hurt. It’s all about keeping your heart and stupid feelings aside and then conversing with people. Otherwise, even the closer ones just might doubt your intentions and this is seriously disgusting actually.

What else do I say, the topic is so much messed up already. But sometimes, I feel like crying my heart out. I feel I need a shoulder sometimes, need someone who could just relieve my pains. But another second I realise, life is so much changed and it’s only me who has to wipe away my tears.

I wonder if others do feel like that sometimes. That even if there’s no reason to lament over, still out of no where your eyes get wet. That when you realise what you were before, whatever you had before is never gonna be that way again, things are never gonna take you back to those moments again. That when you cherish the past, the floating memories, and you actually feel the things missing. It happens with me a lot of times and it makes me stronger. :'(

Yet, what I actually wanted to convey still didn’t come. But this is pretty much of it.. ;) Can’t think of anything else. So this much is okay. :)

# DazzlingTwilightFirefly

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