Monday Blues.. :'(

I don’t know why but i am just going crazy..crazy like anything. Yeah, the first week at college was like a complete ThumbsUp from my side. It was an all new experience and blah blah.. But presently its a poles apart kind of situation. I just feel that KICK has gone missing actually. I have adjusted to this schedule by now but its just that there’s no enjoyment in that. 
      See its like, I have to catch my bus by 9:15AM and then 1 whole hour in the bus. It really gets monotonous if you follow the same schedule again and again and yet again..Those wretched earphones..those repeated songs..that high volume..those stupid extra-sweet candies..that window seat..and just gazing out.. staring and then searching..searching exactly nothing..
       You know what, i am just fed up now. Next, what to say about the faculty. No no no..i dont mean they are bad..only that impression is no more alive for me.
       Yeah, we cant speak about our faculty otherwise its gonna count under the ‘Bitching’ category.. So lets chuck it for now. English and Hindi have always been my prime subjects, but as of now, CS is the only subject which interests me, though slightly, but yeah, it does. Maths faculty is good. Can’t say anything about him, he is well equipped with all the knowledge and spreads it well too. Its me who has to develop the interest into it. So ultimately my fault..!
        Though the lunch break is short, but its really sweet. Sharing is fun. I only heard it before, but realised that actually it is. Sharing your lunch, having fun together with friends is such feelgood kind of feeling. Then again lectures go on for a longer time. Finally jumping into the bus and reaching home. Then going to sleep for hours. That’s what my life has become. Even though Saturdays are off but still its so damn hard to convince myself to get ready for college specially on fridays and mondays. Don’t you think its a little boring too..

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