Be You

Your happiness depends on you. If you decide to be happy, nobody can stop you. Don’t depend on anybody else to be the reason for your smile. Be the reason yourself.

Last few days were really disturbing. I was feeling like breaking things off, like smashing my head on the wall, like crying my eyes out. I thought I would never come out of it. Heart was sinking in depressing thoughts. What do I say, how painful it is, to know that your friends misunderstand you. It’s not always love that hurts, but friendship hurts even more, if it’s real. How do I suddenly stop caring? But yeah, I understood that I must give it some time. After all, I don’t wanna loose such a precious friend. I will wait, until everything turns okay. I hope he still wants to be friends. Let’s see what happens.

But, one thing I learnt in these few days: That you should not expect a lot from people, that relations don’t last forcefully, that you should not lose your own self to make someone happy, that it’s better to give people some time, and that you should just be the way you are..

#BeYou <3

#DazzlingTwilightFirefly :)


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