Believe in you.

Why can’t you, for once,  Believe,
In your Potential, Strength, your Capabilities?
All you gotta do is to keep the Faith,
And hold fast to your Goals and Dreams.
Why do you always get Muffled up?
When you clearly know what is Right .
Don’t be influenced or get carried away,
Those Monsters out there, are just waiting to Bite.
C’mon! Go ahead, fight your FIGHT,
Just take a STAND, when you know you’re Right.

Have a Thought, Clear and Precise,
Make YOUR Decisions, don’t crave for Advice.
Don’t give a damn to the people out there,
They’ll always keep pulling you, just beware!
Don’t let them Shake you.
Don’t let them Break you.
Be Selfish at times, to think about yourself,
About your Strengths, your Faults, Dreams and Desires.
Have a Crazy Streak, a healthy Competition,
Let your inner self burn like FIRE.

Act on YOUR Thoughts, and don’t think twice,
Take on Suggestions, but never Advice.
Face those Bullies, waiting out for you,
They ain’t perfect, they have flaws too.
Show them that inspite of all, they cannot Stress you,
Be so Good that they cannot Suppress you.
Don’t hate your Bullies for life,
Just show them where they Stand.
You gotta scare the HELL out of them,
Don’t just become a Bloody Toy in their hand.
Never make Way for THEM to walk through,
YOU walk on it, leaving them behind.

You can do, anything on Earth,
What you require is just a WILL.
Surely, you don’t wanna loose your Goal,
Then show them you’re not a Weakling.
Remember, if they are all STARS, out there,
Even you’re no less than the MOON…
If they’ve already made it to the Top,
You gonna leave them way behind Soon…
All your dreams would now come True,
You are surely gonna make it Through.
Just because you Believe In YOU.
All because you Believe In YOU…

#Love Yourself <3
#DazzlingTwilightFirefly :)

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