Uncanny Synchronicity..!!

This is about just now. It was kinda’ really funny situation and it’s been innumerous times that this situation occurs in my life. It starts with my brother saying, “Kya tu bhi vahi soch rahi hai, jo mai soch raha hu?” I don’t know, it happens all of a sudden, just from nowhere, whenever watching a TV scene, or a movie, or whatever, just the exact same thing clicks both of us at the same moment. And we start grinning at this. It’s just this peculiar synchronicity!! Although my brother is 2 years elder to me, still what an amazing frequency do we have. I guess, we are twins. Mostly even we are unaware how we are thinking similar things at the same moment. Oh god, what frequency do we share, it’s simply inexplicable!

Yeah, so today he came home and said, “Yaar, kuch khane ka hai kya?”. To this I replied, ” Haan, abhi toh bread- butter hai.” And the next second I regretted why did I mention that :D It was like pushing yourself in the well! Suddenly, he asked me, “Kya tu bhi vahi soch rahi hai, jo mai soch raha hu?” And I knew, what he meant. I was trapped, it was coming upon me :P I denied, “Yaar vo toh mai pehle hi soch chuki. Abhi nai ho sakta”. He ignored it and said, ” Thoda crunchy banana.” ;) If you didn’t get it, I must tell you, it was a stupid mashed potato sandwich he was askin’ for!!

One more funny thing about this was that when I told him, “Tu bhi kuch help karwa na, khada kya hai?”, he began tapping on the potatoes, as if they’re gonna get peeled off like that!! Who does that sort of something. To this, I laughed so badly, so badly, it didn’t stop for a while. Then I requested him, “Tu rehne de, tere se naa ho payega!!” XD
After a while, he told me ki “Maine to sandwich ke bare me socha bhi nahi tha.” And I told him that, “Arey ek hi cheez to khata hai tu, itna bhi pata nai hoga kya meko!”. He replied, ” Kitne achhe se jaanti hai yar tu meko!”. Haha, I kept wondering how?! :)


#DazzlingTwilightFirefly :)



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