It’s actually funny how the most important things never happen on time. Whatever you do, how hard you wish it would happen, but all in vain.

Haha! Well I’m talkin’ about studying. I am very well aware that exams are starting next month. Right now, there’s nothing I have actually prepared.

Today, I thought I would study physics. But eventually kept on skipping from CS to Maths and then again Physics. Nothing fruitful! There’s a presentation I gotta prepare for E-Ship too. But I don’t know, I just get a repulsive kind of feeling when I open those wretched books.

Physics me explain karein to bhaiya it’s like, “The amount of your will to study, is inversely proportional to the amount of study you actually do!!”
Bas itne me bhiyaa pura matter hi khatam..!! :D

Will try again tomorrow morning, I swear this time! Promise, promise promise!! I’m gonna study.

#DazzlingTwilightFirefly :)