Someone actually made me think upon the fact that, do I share my problems? Umm.. I don’t know actually. I am seriously clueless if I share my problems with people. If I look at some recent issues, I don’t think I shared any of those with anybody. It’s not that I hide things, it’s just that I don’t show that some thing is worrying me inside.

Honestly speaking, if there was this one person who knew every single thing about me, about my life, who knew how I actually am and how I look at things, how I react and behave in different situations, who knew me completely, I would have obviously shared my issues with that person.

But here it’s just that different people know different aspects of my life, my friends obviously know me well, but they only know how much I want them to know. There are some things I just can’t tell any body. Only I am my best friend right now. I only tell my problems to myself, cry out as much as I can, console myself, find a solution, and if not just let things be as they are.

I wish I could have a person who already knew me as much as I know myself. Then life would become much easier. The only reason why I write blogs is to keep myself carefree and free of regrets. I know the only saviour to my sorrows is writing. So until I get that one person, I am gonna stick to blogging.