That Eternal Intruder…

Why is it that some people never spare you? Whatever might be happening in your life, those mistakes never leave you. They just keep on circling above your head, stalking you everywhere so that you might just doubt your own shadow!
Everyone must get a second chance no? Another chance to improve, to correct the mistakes of their past, to recover, to live free, then why should I not get that? I wanna be left alone. Why do these people always keep intruding? Why do they always gotta poke their nose in between?

Everytime I think that yeah, now everything’s finished, it again flashes across my eyes. Okay accepted, I made a mistake. I was the one to trust you, I was a stupid kid who was so confused that I made a wrong choice in life, you can blame me for this, but bloody bozo, you were the one to take advantage of that trust, you broke everything. You were responsible for everything, for all that fake-shit.

As soon as I realised that I went wrong, I left everything, I wanted to run as far away from you as I could. But still, why do you have to remind me always that you still exist? I am not a bit interested to know about you. My life is already pretty much messed up, please do not play these stupid tricks on me. Leave me alone for life. Please. I am tired of ignoring you now. Please, let me correct my mistakes. Let me hate you forever. Never show me your face again ever, never dare to text me again or play these idiotic tricks on me. Please leave me alone.




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