Sincere Apologies

Sometimes we only realise the value of some things, when people stop doing them for us. I feel really bad to have let a close friend down, I really didn’t mean to. It’s like, I didn’t even realise that something was wrong, but that friend of mine was upset, and most probably furious on me :D I had no clue!

But when he told me that he was really upset and he decided he would never message me again!! And he wanted me to initiate and message him. But I did not. Cause I had no idea he was feeling that way! What do I do? If he would have even hinted me on that, I would have talked. But 3 days passed, I didn’t talk!

I mean, I felt guilty actually. Because a while ago, he was the one who helped me out when I felt lost! He was there. But I felt like I have been selfish. Like, when I needed a friend, I took him for granted, and then when everything was okay, I simply ignored him. Yeah, the correct word that he used, he asked me if I was IGNORING him.

Haha! Won’t do that again. I will always keep this in mind, that if somebody does that to me someday, how am I gonna react? I am sorry buddy!

#SincereApologies :)



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