Set them free..!!

Only for your temporary pleasure,
Why should you hurt people forever?
And you say, you ain’t a kid anymore?
Then why do you hurt yourself less and people even more?

Yeah, you said you can decide?
Then tell me if this is accepted or denied?
You said be clear, then are you so?
Can you clearly choose between Yes or No?

Oh, you really know what is right and wrong?
Then why have you been stretching it for so long?
You said you are strong, then stop lying,
Why after even the slightest issue, you end up crying?

And you can control your emotions? I disagree!
You don’t even have the guts to set people free.
Why should you play with their emotions?
When you know it’s not meant to be.

So stop lying, now face the reality,
At this moment, it is you whom I pity.
Let people move on, don’t make them wait,
Don’t let this love, soon change into hate.

Temporary hatred is good for permanent peace,
Break these attachments, set them free.
Even though, your feelings ain’t fake,
Please keep them aside, for their sake.

It’s disgusting how selfish you can be,
Come on, life is not one of your stupid game,
You want people to never leave you?
When you can’t even do the same?

You don’t care about people’s feelings,
You just want yourself to be happy.
Then others might go to hell or whatever,
It is not your cup of tea??

Hate you for this, hate you even more,
People don’t know you, I’m damn sure.
One day they’re gonna all leave you,
Yeah, cause you’re selfish and you’re stupid.
One day you are gonna regret this!
Remember this!

And if you can’t do even this with your wit,
Then probably, you are definitely a KID..



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