First Sem koi Halwa nai haii..!! :D

Ohh god I’m seriously freaking out. It’s now that I’m realising that I have just wasted all of my valuable time on stupid Whatsapp and Facebook and Hike and other social networking shit! What the fuck have I done seriously! I mean, it’s our mid-sems from 4th and I am completely blank about all the subjects, and specially physics. Physics scares the hell out of me.

As of now, there’s so much of work load, physics practicals, maths assignment, Entrepreneurship presentation and then above all, Mid-sems and then finally Semesters! I mean, I thought college life would be easy, but here they are just pissing me off. Initially the faculty was kinda’ sooo sweet and all, now they’ve started showing their tantrums actually.

God, even 12th Board didn’t scare me that much! Man, First Semester isn’t a cakewalk. It is difficult. I was a topper, you know, with that 81% tag!! But here, I am nothing, literally nothing! Haha, I am even worried if I would separately pass in all subjects :D

But just realised one things, these faculty are all liars out there, they start showing their true colours as soon as the exams arrive!! And until now, I haven’t had any motivation from any source that I should start studying, not even family, not even teachers, not even friends.
I guess nobody has to tell me that, maybe! Okay, I think it’s studying time. Now I’m feeling much better.

Have a great day, guys.
#Regards :)



4 thoughts on “First Sem koi Halwa nai haii..!! :D

    1. Haha, college sucks, seriously! May be, I’ll get used to NOT studying.. :P
      Let’s see. By the way, Thanks :)


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