Ignorance isn’t always bliss!! :(

Mid-Sems start day after tomorrow,
And I still can’t find a change in me.
There’s no seriousness, no worries,
I’m as ignorant as I never thought I’d be!!

I’m afraid I’m gonna fail,
But still don’t wanna study at all.
Nobody can bring me to my books,
I’ve become that ‘anti-study’ soul!!

Tried uninstalling WhatsApp,
But it ain’t a good Escape-Door,
Keeping the cell aside and studying,
This bloody distracts me even more!!

And the cherry on the cake,
That irresistible desire to write,
Until I get things off my head,
Nothing seems to be alright.

So here I’m just done with it,
Now I gotta study a little bit.
I’ll give my best shot to it,
I’ll show them who the real ME is..!! :)



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