This one is for another lost kid, for that little brother of mine, #BreathlessBoy#

Why do you think you are NOTHING?? Come on ek baar apni poems fir se read karo. Check out the number of likes on your fan page and then tell me that you’re nothing. You are silly, seriously!

Apne aap ko underestimate kyo kar rahe ho? It’s not good for you. Why do you think you don’t deserve anything? You are better than anybody else, okay? Go ask your Mom, ask your friends if you don’t believe me.

And tumne toh meri kitni help ki hai, I can never forget that. You gave me the right advice and yes, it worked! You are a nice person and you are a very thoughtful writer too.

Haa, I know heartbreak hua hai tumhara and all that, I can feel that in your poems, but life still goes on haina? Abhi toh puri life padi hai, why to cry over such small issues? Come on, it’s time to move on!

Apne aap par thoda confidence rakho, there’s so much more to life. Your happiness doesn’t depend on the people around you, right? Your happiness depends on YOU.

So come on now, cheer up. Pehle se hi toh pagal ho, ye depression aur pagal kar dega tumko. :P

Isliye, don’t loose hope, stay positive, smile, and write about something cheerful, okay?

Next time, don’t ever say you’re nothing! :/