Oh god! Why did that happen? Although it was a misunderstanding, it gave me a reality-check. I don’t know if I am over thinking or whatever, but yes, this situation was for some reason, I guess.

Maybe it’s me who is getting over protective, maybe I’m insecure, maybe I’m scared of every damn thing! And maybe people are not that bad, maybe there’s still some goodness and humanity left in the world.

But unfortunately, it’s just that one incident can bring you to the right path. My problem is that I don’t trust people, so I don’t.

Mistakes make you wise, now I am a mature individual, yes I have made mistakes and I just want to forget everything, but I am unfortunately unable to gather up the courage to trust anybody now. I just feel everything is some stupid planning/trap/joke/prank or whatever and then I withdraw myself.

Once I get this feeling, then no words change my decision, nothing at all! Yes, at times we gotta be tough-hearted to keep all that emotions and crap aside and to let people stay away from you.

I decide to choose my way, and then nobody’s pleadings or requests matter at all. I close my ears to everything and just do what I want to! Call it my weakness, but I am that way.

And yes, I might be loosing some big chances in life but I can’t change myself.
I can’t be making the same mistake again that I made a while ago.

So yeah, no friendship would be perfect! I mean, making friends is not that big deal, but naah, apne se naa ho payega abhi!! I am not in that state of mind right now to think anything.

So finally, Sorry and Thanks, Mr.Anon, for this realisation! :)
And now I stop over thinking!! ;)

#Apologies, no offense intended, seriously!! Sorry, if I hurt anybody!#