I have just been listening to numerous songs since the morning and some songs were like so damn cute, my childhood just flashed before my eyes!

I miss every single thing. All those fights, those games, those stupidities, oh how I loved everything about that phase!

Haha! Now that I’m completely drowned into the feeling, let me just revise all of that. Maybe many of you won’t get what I’m talkin’ about, but still just read on! :)

I always miss that kitchen set, those cutesy barbies, toy trains, those video games, Aww.. Mario, Contra, Duck hunt!!, those soft toys, my teddy bear! How I go crazy when I watch kids playing with them.

There was a time I dreamt of becoming a teacher! ( Now I doubt that idea, okay? :P ) When I didn’t even know english, not even few words, I just used to scribble something on my little blackboard, and then turn around facing the bed, and would speak anything which according to me was very meaningful!! :D

I would order those imaginary students sitting on those beds to complete their homework and I would even distribute them blank pages and then wait for them to write something!! :P I mean which idiot does that!! :D That idiot was ME! But it was fun, so much fun. Then after a while, I would ask those still imaginary kids to show me their homework and if they had not done that, I would bring a ruler and start slapping it on the bed as if it was someone’s hand!! :D ( Please stop laughing! :P )

Then I remember those fights with my brother, we used to fight like wild animals, I used to sceam at the top of my voice and he had only one dialogue of all time. It still makes me laugh a lot. He used to say, ” Ya toh tu chilla le, ya toh fir maar le!”. And me, the extra talented one, used to take advantage of everything!

Whenever nobody was around, I used to beat him up badly, we used to throw pillows at each other, which we still do many a times! ;) And when mumma was around, I used to shout and complain about him. So me, being the younger one, always got saved and he had to listen to all those lectures!

Haha! I’m sorry Bro, for whatever I did to you years back! :D But I always love you the most! Having a big-bro is a must, I think! It makes you feel protected, safe and secure :)
#Sonu&Soni #FLAB <3

And yet, the story does not end here, I’ve got a hell lot of experiences, but I’ll leave it for some other time.

I just miss everything so bad, I wish I could go back to that time. Everything was so cheerful when we were kids, everything carefree, happie and just blissful! When there were no assignments to complete, no workload, no weeping, only smiles, no enemies, no fears, everything was simply awesome, simply beautiful. I wish I could go back, I wish…!!

Okay, that’s it for today! :)
#Regards :)


9 thoughts on “Memories

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    1. Ha yar, I toh never ever imagine anything about future :P
      By the way, dekh tujhe naya topic mila abhi, I think you should write about your childhood too! :)
      I would love to read that!
      Likhna re, pakka? :P


  1. Hahahaha… Chandu I can’t stop laughing on that line where you used to slap that bed as if it was your students’ palms. Hahahaha!! Who does that. You must be mental at that time huh!!!! 😂😂😂
    But enjoyed your writing. It improved a lot now.

    Liked by 1 person

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