Just pondering! ._.

Just a random thought..
It’s better to be silent, when you cannot find the right words to speak what you want to!

It’s time to stop becoming an emotional fool and start focusing on my aim. As I said before, we shouldn’t tie people into emotional bonds when we know it’s not meant to be. It’s over, it’s over, it’s over!
I don’t feel any damn thing for anybody and I don’t even want to!

Let’s just go with the flow! Chuck everything. It’s time to focus, time to change!
#Revolution ✌



8 thoughts on “Just pondering! ._.

    1. Hmm, power of pen can change the world, haina? :)
      I will try, okay :)
      #And by the way, tune kuch kyo nai likha hai? :/


    1. Hehe, yes vo toh hai. But vo mera thought hota tab koi baat thi na!
      Chal okay, abi apan aisa kuch likhenge that will inspire people :)


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