It took me almost half an hour to think what to write, so it goes like:


Found this quote really inspiring. There are  things in my life which I want to just erase permanently, but I’m afraid it’s not possible.

Whenever I think about that particular incident, I feel so stupid, I feel like I was the biggest fool! I feel like if only I had been a little wise, I could have stopped it altogether. And I hate myself for all this.

So, ultimately, mistakes are made by man. Har koi galti karta hi hai, theek hai ek galti ki maine, and I have learnt a lot, seriously! I can find a big change in ME now, and the ME, two years back.

So, maybe some situations are just meant to make you wise. I should be happy that this happened, now I would not let myself in this kind of situation ever! Never ever, like forever! :P

Thank you :)
#Dedicated ;)