The real writer! :)

Hahah! Another random thought,
A real writer is someone whose writings can make the reader cry! Cry out of joy or maybe grief. The one who can do this, for sure, is the real writer.

What do I say next, there doesn’t always need to be a real story to impress the readers, sometimes imagination can do the work too!

And yes, one more thing, it is my personal experience, that whenever I write something influenced under a strong emotion, be it happiness, or sorrow, or anger or hatred or whatsoever, that creation is always a masterpiece!! :P

And poem likhne ka actual maza tab aata hai jab next day exams ho! The biggest pleasure, the biggest stressbuster! Aur us time par pata nai kaha se ideas aa hi jate hai!

So my point is, Just keep writing! Write whatever, but keep writing guys!

#Happy that my writings touched somebody! I take it as a compliment :) Haha! Who knows, I might become that “Great Writer” one day!!# :D

Thanks :)


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