Cry, o’ cry…!!

Accept that it’s over, now sever all ties,
Let there be no more emotions to hide.
Make it clear, it wasn’t meant to be,
It’s high time, now set them free.

Cry o’ cry, as much as you can,
Cry o’ cry, let nothing remain.

Let your heart feel no emotions,
Whenever you get to hear their voice.
Don’t get numb, or regret your decision,
Whenever your eyes, meet their eyes.

Cry o’ cry, vent out all the pain,
Cry o’ cry, let nothing remain.

Let no more regrets and guilts stay,
Cry, let the tears wipe them away.
Be strong, face them, but love your past,
People may not, but memories do last.

Cry out loud, but once and for all,
Cry o’ cry, now let nothing remain at all.

Don’t let everything remind you of them,
Remember, you gotta focus on your aim.
Yeah, Cry o’ cry, but smile in the end,
Life was life because of them! :)