Freakin’ Assignments! :/

I don’t understand why do we have to complete all those stupid assignments?
I mean, usme karna toh kuch bhi nai hai, just a copy-and-paste procedure! Plug in your earphones and just start copying! Nothing more to it!

What is the point of writing those answers when even we know that we haven’t understood a word! Isse toh achha hai ki chapters prepare karne ko bolo, they should conduct regular unit tests.

People like me, hate writing assignment copies. Ek toh pehle hi writing kharab, upar se we need to write neatly, then black pen for questions and blue for answers, Haha! I can’t handle all that shit, and then underlines too :P

And after doing all that too, they might not be impressed ’cause others write way better than me!

Haha! Have a look at my condition and see the difference! :P

#This is me, writing like ME! (Hell!)


#And this is Me, writing for those internal marks!! :P (I know, this is no good either!)


Yeah! This is the life of students!
Okay, I gotta complete the assignment now! Bye ;)



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