Happy Ending!

Maybe it’s not always about a happy ending,
All great love stories have had a downfall.
If it’s only about the story and the glory,
Then our’s ain’t any different of them all.
This is my humble dedication, an ode,
To someone whom I loved the most.
What do I say? Yeah, there was a guy,
The one who flipped my world upside down,
Turned into ‘Smiles’, all of my frowns.
He was the guy, he was my guy. :)
How I remember every single thing,
How I got so addicted to him.
Four years’ve passed and here we arrive,
Things just changed or maybe they’re alike.
“Time flies”, Yeah! It did,
But me and my feelings stuck back.
Relations changed, so did the world,
But I guess, true love always remains intact.
Won’t forget ever,
What a fitness freak he was,
How badly he loved the gym. :D
And every another day flying by,
More and more of what I desired was him.
Won’t forget ever.
How he made me feel,
How he made me smile.
How he never lost touch,
Distance be like thousand miles.
Won’t forget ever.
How he knew it was my mistake,
But still he apologised with a smile.
How frequently he said he missed me,
And made me blush all the while. :)
Won’t forget ever.
That annual day ‘Bhel’, we both shared,
The concern he showed, the way he cared.
How he made me feel special,
How he just made me forget this world.
Won’t forget ever.
How he believed in me and my dreams,
Made my life better than it seems.
Always called me ‘Ma’am’, with respect,
How I felt like a princess, life was perfect..! ;)
Won’t forget ever.
How he forgave my biggest mistakes,
How he was never rude, never angry on me.
How he really had a big-big heart, <3
Helped me stand back and make a new start.
Won’t forget ever.
Calling me by stupid names,
How he always continued to fight.
But yeah, I knew him really well,
Called him ‘Cute’ and irritated him to hell. :P
Won’t ever forget.
How he sent me his cozy pics with girls,
Made me go rude and jealous and annoyed.
Then laughed at my stupid situation,
How I wish I could just break his head..! :/
Yeah, I still keep pondering over those times,
When I was his, and he was mine.
There was a reason why we fell apart,
But doesn’t matter, we’re connected through the heart.
It’s been a long time since we were together,
But then, things started falling apart.
Oh! How do I just set him free?
His name is etched forever in my heart. <3
But I gotta let him go,
I’ll do that for his sake.
Cause love is all about sacrifices,
That you gotta be ready to make. :)
Love isn’t always about being together,
Sometimes it’s about setting them free.
Love is just accepting and sacrificing,
It’s always about ‘US’ and not just ‘ME’.
It’s not always the happy ending of the story,
Sometimes it’s only and only about glory.
It’s not about breaking up with them,
And then forever hating them in vain.
But love is about sharing all their pains,
And being even more stronger friends again.
Just like me and my sweet Sweetheart <3 ,
Nobody can dare to put us apart.
Sharing forever the sweetest bond,
#Bff’s <3 #Besties_@YouAndMe <3 #For life and beyond.. <3 :) :D



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