Yesterday and Today!

Yesterday we were together,
Today, we are falling apart.

Yesterday, he cared for me,
Today, he doesn’t wanna talk.

Yesterday, I found my happiness in him,
Today, he’s nowhere to be found.

Yesterday, he said he loved me,
Today, I broke his heart.

Yesterday, I understood him completely,
Today, I am unaware of his feelings.

Yesterday, we had a thousand things to say,
Today, I’m concerned about what are my limits.

Yesterday, we were wild,
Today, everything is silent.

Yesterday, I loved talking to him,
Today, I hate missing him.

Yesterday, everything was so lovely,
Today, those things are bloody annoying.

Yesterday, I had him in my heart,
Today, I think I’ve lost him.

Yesterday, he said he would never leave me,
Today, he himself left.

Yesterday, my life was with him,
Today, I can’t find myself in me.

Yesterday, he said nothing changed between us,
Today, I guess my world changed 360°.

Yesterday, was beautiful,
Today, is no better than hell.




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