Wicked Cousins :/

Now what was that shit, seriously! Bachhe itnne bade kab ho gaye pata bhi nai chala yar! :P

I mean, hadd hai, mujhse 6 years chhoti meri cousin mujhse puchti hai, “Soniya, teri height kya hai?” And I’m like, “Yaar 5″2”.

Haha! She drags me to the mirror and yeah, she was actually one inch taller! Haaye meri kismat, all of my sisters have grown taller than me, mai to heels bhi nai pehenti ki thoda difference kam ho jaye :P

I don’t like it, bachpan se kya bournvita ye din dekhne ke liye piya tha kya?? :P
Uff, ab to sab log bolte hai mujhe, kuch khaati-peeti bhi nai hai, thodi health badha, thodi height badha, and now even these sisters torture me everywhere for my height! :/

Huh, I’m not liking this at all. :/
#Wicked_Cousins :/ :P



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