Random ‘not-so-mature’ Thought!!

Hahah! After thinking for a long time, this is what I wrote! Written on demand, but the topic went to some another tangent!
Yeah, so it goes like this:

How do I write mature?
When I actually ain’t one!
Let things happen,
Yet unaware,
I regret them when they’re done.

Once I decide, I decide strong,
I don’t know if I’m right or wrong.
Nothing can change my mind, my decision,
Nothing can change my view, my perception!

When I know I’m right,
I’m always ready to fight.
Yeah, the game’s gotta be fair,
Be it anybody, I never spare!

My words can kill you,
You wouldn’t want to listen to them.
Just what the stab of a dagger may do,
I bet, my words can do the same!

Hated people a while ago,
But there’s always a turn-point, you know!
People come and people go,
Don’t resist changes,
Just go with the flow.

I have no idea, what I wrote about,
But this was on demand, I just had to.
And one question I gotta answer,
If I always keep fighting with you,
That means I’m comfortable around you! :) ;) :D Hahah!!

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