Studies+Winters=No Studies!! :D

Ohhh Godd!! Somebody please help me!! I want to study, yes, yes, yes! Yesterday I just made a list of all the units and chapters I’ve to study. But, this freakin’ winter is destroying everything. It was the same yesterday too. I sat down to study, opened my books, read a few lines, then dozed off! Then after maybe 20 minutes, I stuck to another subject, solved I think, 2 derivations max. and then again stopped. All because of this stupid chilly winter.

It’s not like I hate this season. I love winters more than anything else. This season is damn cute! <3 But it's just that I can't make myself to study in this cute weather! :P

Haha! Okay now if I’ve started, I’ll tell you my situation completely. So it’s like, I start strong, I think I can do any damn thing, I can finish one unit in an hour! (Haha, ye thoda jyada ho gaya na, I know!)

So I keep my cell aside, clear the RAM (WhatsApp is a distraction, you know!), activate the silent mode and then come back to books. Haha, I’m that Idiot who updates status like “Study-Time” to make myself feel a little better! :P

There’s a tiny couch on the side, I prefer studying there. And I need a warm blanket too naa! Its cold, haina! :P

Now imagine how the hell do I accommodate a blanket, two books and myself onto that couch! (Hehe, Ittu si toh hu mai, kahi bhi adjust ho jati hu! :P)

Fir aage kya, itna sab naatak ho gaya, itni preparation kari, and all I study for, is I think 15 minutes. And I’m one of those stupids jo time dekh ke studies start karte hai. (Shubh Mohrat types!)

So according to me, there are only four good times in every hour when you should begin. If it’s 10 right now, then start maybe on 10:15, 10:30, 10:45 or 11:00. Bas iske alawa beech me nai, then you gotta round up to the next interval!

Next thing is, once you get into studying, you have 10000s of things running inside your head and you keep wondering about this and that and all other shit! (Sometimes I wish we could clear our brain’s RAM too!) And after about 10 minutes, you keep worrying about other things, you feel hungry, you feel sleepy. And you think yaar, 5 minutes so jaau, then I’ll get back, ya fir kuch khaa lu pehle!

And finally, this same Ramayana goes on in my and I hope every other student’s life, for like forever! But yes, if you have an exam tomorrow, I don’t know how but everything else vanishes and you score well too :)

Abhi ka kya karu I don’t know, I can’t wait for the last day. :P Help, Help!! :( :'(


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  1. Nitin says:

    This post made me remember my school days… Yes all the planning and commitment to study and ending up dozing off or something else…. :D… Nice post :)

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    1. dazzling_twilight_firefly says:

      Yeah, they said you don’t need to worry about studies once you reach college.
      Haha, liars! :/

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Nitin says:

      Haha… Yes.. It was all stories and fairy tales to make us study in school :P

      Liked by 1 person

    3. dazzling_twilight_firefly says:

      Right, but whatever, college anyways is fun too! :)

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    4. Nitin says:

      Yes.. And as I finished my second stint at college earlier this year.. I must say that those are by far the best days of your lives… So enjoy :)

      Liked by 1 person

    5. dazzling_twilight_firefly says:

      Hehe, Thank you. I will! :)

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  2. Yes whats app and other social media are distraction.
    Even WP too 😴

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