Don’t love me!

Feelings of a girl who has decided that she doesnโ€™t need love now .

I don’t need no attachments,
I don’t need no tears and pain.
Don’t need no stupid emotions,
I don’t need no love again.

Don’t need no shoulder anymore,
My soul’s already hanged to death.
I’ve got no freakin’ emotions,
No more of nothing’s left!

Don’t love me no more now,
After ripping my soul apart.
Million stabs ruined an innocence,
Look through me, there ain’t no heart!

Don’t love me, there ain’t a need,
I don’t need your fake sympathy.
Leave me alone, just let me be,
I need isolation, I gotta find me!

That wretched knife, one fine day,
Could’ve slashed right through my vein.
There could’ve been a happy ending,
To all grief, sorrows, all pains.

Heart thumping in despair,
Hands froze in mid-air.
Why do I punish myself?
When he ain’t nobody to care.

I’m gonna make a fresh start,
I’ll collect the pieces of my heart.
I’m way stronger than I thought I am,
No traitors can ever pull me apart.

Love me no more now,
I’m done with all the crap.
I’ll stumble and I’ll fall,
But yes, I’m gonna stand back!

Love me no more,
Love me no more,
My heart is locked forever,
And there ain’t no key to the door!


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