Hahahah! Whoever said this was such a big genius, “The only person who wipes your tears is always the one who makes you cry!” :P

I mean look at the situation, the exact milli-second when I completely lost all hope was when everything turned out to be okay!

Fighting is in my blood! But still whatever, there are things in life, which always remain irresistible, there are always things which can melt the hardest of rocks!

I’m not getting emotional or anything, it’s just that I couldn’t help sharing the feeling. Again, no indications, no nothing, just a random thought!

Haha! Healthy fighting is fun! How can two people fight on every single thing? Every damn issue! Ask me how! From morning to night, I’ve got nothing to do, but fight!

Friendship comes when even after an insane fight, you don’t hate the person, but only the stupid situation! Even when you said you don’t wanna talk, inside, you still want to! :P

So yes, life never gave me these many chances, and that too with one single thing, never ever!! Haha, an eventful day indeed!! No emotions now, only studies! :P :P