Random Thought #11

If you cannot handle yourself, nobody else can. You have to understand yourself first, and you have to decide what’s good for you.

You have to accept and you have to take charge of your decisions. You have to make your decisions all by yourself and then stick to them too.

If you’ve decided one thing, be firm, be strong, follow it till the end. Don’t get carried away, don’t get distracted, follow what you’ve said. Follow what you’ve declared.

Be strong. Things, people, situations or emotions cannot break you down. You are incharge to control them and your own self.

5 thoughts on “Random Thought #11

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    1. Thank you for that!
      But I don’t know I don’t understand myself, mujhe khud nai samajh aata why I did a particular thing, and then baad me it’s too late. Bas this is the stupid problem, I don’t understand myself. 😩

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    2. Any thing which has long term benefits is good,
      Don’t take decision that gives you short term gains.

      Ask for the help, Pray to the god.

      One who understand , he or she is stupid are wise,
      Stupid never agree, they are stupid ☺☺.
      Cheers, for now.
      No more questions please 😊😊.

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    3. Thank you again sirji, for the help. Now, I think what I did was correct. Thank you! 😊
      Haa okay, no more questions, I’m a bit clear about things now. Wo last wala thought bohot achha hai, ‘One who thinks he is stupid, is wise’ 😝
      I can convince myself with that! 😁✌


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