These are the feelings of a girl who saw a guy for the first time and came to know that it is love! 
Just an imagination, as of now. But I guess, one day I would really want to feel this happening to me! 💜

Eye Contact

When I looked into your eyes,
For the very first time,
You got me love-struck,
You got me spellbound.
My heart skipped a beat,
Whenever you came around!

When I looked into your eyes,
You got me hypnotised,
You got me mesmerized.
The sparkle in your eyes,
Like the twinkling of stars,
I could keep looking into them,
For hours and hours and hours!

When I looked into your eyes,
They were like the moonless night.
Millions of dark secrets hidden inside,
I found all answers in your mysterious eyes!

When I looked into your eyes,
I found the lost ME in them.
I found all pains melting in them,
I found myself drowning in them.
I found my heart calling your name.
My locked heart had found its key,
Yes, it was love,
It just had to be! 💖