Happie Birthday!!

*Aahhhh, I’m sooo glad they could finally retrieve this post! Thank God, and thanks WP Support Team, the birthday gift is back! Now smile please!*

Hey bestfriend, I just wanted to wish you a very very very Happy Birthday!! 😘😘😘😘

I don’t know what else should I say. Haha, Sorry! Aur kuch toh nai hai mere paas, consider this blog as a gift from my side, okay? 😄

What do I say! You are somebody who just flipped my life, it all started from a misunderstanding, I consider that the sweetest misunderstanding in my life. I don’t know why, but you are different, you are not like the rest. I’ll never forget that one month, that one month which made us the best of friends. Atleast from my side, I don’t know about your side haa! 😝

How can two people who are complete strangers become bestfriends in just a few days?! It’s not something to be explained.
I mean how can any stranger understand you so well, how can they read your mind, how can they complete your unsaid words?! It’s beyond imagination! :) 💜💜

I don’t know how many times have we fought on stupid issues, how many times have I decided to leave and how many times you wanted to go! But still, you’re still here, and I’m happy about that, super super happy. I hope that I won’t fight with you again, but can’t promise! 😂

Every other day is different with you, sometimes I feel ultimate happiness, and sometimes I feel like hitting you so hard, so hard!! Don’t you dare talk to me rudely ever again, samjhe naa!! 😜

I mean situations itnii jaldi flip ho jati hai, I can’t say how. Example: Right now I say I’m leaving, after two hours you say you’ll go, and after next three hours, still nobody leaves, everything is okay! I mean ek hi issue par we talk for hours and hours and hours!! Incredible! 😂😂

Whenever I’m upset, I miss you my Papa!! 😋 I wish somebody would call me ‘ Mera Beta’ !! Uff, how I love this word. I don’t know why but talking to YOU cheers me up, makes me smile. There’s nobody else just like you on earth. I’ll never forget those arguments, those fights, those silly talks, those stupid jokes, those crazy imaginations, hehe everything!! 😄

I’m just glad that I got to know an extremely amazing person in my life. I got to know not a ‘Boy’, but a ‘Man’, and a Real one for sure! ✌

With this, I wish you the happiest birthday ever, Mr.Birthday Boy!! 😍😍
I wish for your happiness, humesha and forever! Keep smiling, wish you all the luck in your life. Aur ek baat, har cheez me fight aap karte ho mai nai, okay?!😜 Aur itna rudely behave mat kiya karo mujhse! 😒

Again wish you a Happy Birthday!!
Stay blessed!💜💜

Achha meri taraf se virtual birthday cakes bhi lelo! 😜




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