100 follows! ✌

I just received a notification for completing100 posts and 500 likes on dazzlingtwilightfirefly Plus I’ve got 100+ plus followers too! Haha, happie happie!! 😄😄

WordPress is the best thing that ever happened to me. Writing marks my existance, I love writing! Just too much! It’s irresistible!

If you’ve read most of my blogs, you would know I’m a little negative. I’ve no idea what type of a person I’ve come out through my blogs! I just find it easier to write down my feelings than sharing it with somebody. So maybe, you would find me a little negative. I hope I’ll turn out to be more positive in the next few days cause all you guys are really helpful and I appreciate all of your suggestions, thanks for showing me the right direction whenever I was lost, thanks for solving my confusions when I was clueless, thanks for giving me hope when I was low, Thank you all!! :)


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