Let Me..

Take me under the silent night,
Hold my hand, guide me to light.
Give me wings and let me fly,
High and high, let me touch the sky.

Walk with me, let’s count the stars,
Free me from these invisible bars.
Stand by me through low and high,
Let me be your reason to smile.

Let me crawl and make me stand,
Whenever I fall, give me your hand.
Hold me tight, yeah, hold me strong,
Just be mine, for life and beyond!


7 thoughts on “Let Me..

Add yours

    1. the rhyming came out very well.. and none of it felt forced… and i think you got an important lesson in writing.. the best of your posts would be the ones you tried least but felt it from your heart … :)

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hmm, yes you are right! I just don’t know how I felt like, maybe empty! I just felt I don’t know what! No words to describe that feeling. πŸ˜…


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