No rhymes no nothing, this is my present condition actually! She is ME! 😁😁

Today’s topic: She is the One!

She is the one,
Who keeps running away from love,
Who knows she can’t handle relationships.
Who has not the lack of options,
But rather a lack of will,
A lack of heart.
A heart full of love!

She is the one,
Who just feels empty at times,
But still believes solitude is better.
Who doesn’t need any guy,
She’s complete in herself!

She is the one,
Who cries on emotional movies.
Who gets irritated on watching,
Those couples on the front seat.
And plugs in her earphones,
Looks out of the window.
Who feels that empty seat beside her,
Gazing at her in complete despair!

She is the one,
Who is completely lost at times,
Who feels why does she need a guy?
When there are friends to care even more.
Who knows there is a lack of something,
But tries to fill the gap with true friends!