Happy New Year 2016!


I was in no mood to write anything today. Here I am, completely exhausted, burning like fire, with a running nose, sleepy eyes, bad headache, all curled up in my blanket, with loads of tensions on my head about the next paper, that is Physics, day after tomorrow. By the way, today’s paper went super awesome! Hehe, I aced it! 😁

I just felt like writing about everything, about 2015. First of all, the year started on a bad note, my daddy was admitted, that incident gave me a lot of experience, it taught me to adjust, to tolerate, to control myself, my emotions, to hide my emotions, it gave me the realisation of true friends actually. I experienced how it actually feels to be alone, it feels crap, when you have your exams on head and something like that happens in your family, plus lots of emotional breakdowns, it taught me lessons.

Then, next I had another experience of a school picnic, the last picnic with my school friends, it was the best day seriously. It was super dooper fun!
Then came the school farewell. Oh, that dressing up in a saree! Hehe, all that makeup and haircut and styling and all! Haha, so so so much fun! By the way I was awarded as the Most Creative Student! ✌
How I miss my school, those memories! They are etched forever in my heart!

Then comes the final exams. Another bad experience! On my final maths exam, as my mum teaches in the same school where I study, (she was my class teacher, actually 😂), and we were heading to the school, suddenly we had an accident, the scooty slipped very badly and mum was injured. I wasn’t in that bad condition, and all I could do is just start crying! It was the most horrifying incident of my life. I could never stand seeing my mom in that condition ever.

I phoned daddy and then as some teachers were comimg behind us, one of the teachers got mum in her car and they told me to go to the school. I was like I won’t go without her but the teachers pulled me away from her and took her to the hospital and me to the school. As I reached school, my wounds were treated. I was okay but when my chemistry teacher suddenly came and hugged me soo tight, I just couldn’t stop, I cried really really bad that day. This experience I don’t know it didn’t teach me anything as such, just that we have no idea what might happen the next second! By the way, my maths exam went quite well still! 😄

Then next, I had my birthday celebration with my family, then college life started, it was in itself an experience. I made new friends, college friends, had much fun!
Next comes the best thing, I joined WordPress! I just love this, because of WordPress I’m able to tell my story to you all. So thanks to WordPress! ☺

One important thing, I’ve had a great improvement in my writing this year. With lots of awards and recognition, I’ve got a complete boost up to my talent, I’ve got a confidence in me and my abilities!

Next, I don’t know what, this year was by far the most uncertain year with lots of highs and lows, ups and downs, but it was interesting! I learnt to trust people, I made sooo many new friends, got to know new people, (hehe, plus one extra sweet friend for whom I’ll blog soon, okay?😁)

I know I’m still immature, I don’t have control over myself, I make lots and lots and lots of mistakes, I overreact, and many more but I’m definitely mature than what I was last year. I have developed a lot, I have grown, according to me.

I’m sorry to every person whom I’ve hurt, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone, and thank you, a big big big thankyou to each and everyone who made me smile, who inspired me, who made me what I am today. Thank you, I promise you’ll see a better version of me in 2k16, for sure.
Hehe, okay with this I wish everyone ovwr here a very Happie New Year 2016. May the year ahead bring lots and lots of happiness in our lives.

Love you all! 💜💜


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