My new year resolution for this year would definitely be studying more than what I did in 2015. I would study from the beginning of 2nd Semester, pakka!

Next, I won’t sacrifice my principles for anything, and I literally mean ANYTHING! This is for something that happened because of my stupidity, so I won’t do that again. I will stand firm on my principles. Ye bhi pakka promise!

Next, I’ll be more positive, more mature, more polite to people and I will never ever cross that imaginary line. I’ll try to have control over myself and my emotions, I won’t cry stupidly over nothing!

I’ll not irritate people this year, I’ll think twice before speaking something and stop the use of my blog for abusing people. I will learn from my mistakes.

And one more, I’ll be less active on social media, and study more, read more, blog more, about positive things. I bet you’ll find a mature person in me, this year! I’ll be the best, pakka! :)✌