The beginning! :)

Today again I’ve got nothing to write, so I’ll tell you about my childhood. I previously posted something similar, but that was about me, my brother and our fights!

Today, I’ll write about the beginning of my school life. I went to a Christian school in the very beginning. I was there till class 2.

So, there was an Auto wale bhaiya who came to pick me up from home. (Btw, he still remembers me! 😂) And I used to cry and scream at the top of my voice. I used to hate going to school. But at the end, I had to give up. I remember my uniform, a gray coloured tunic and a pale pink shirt. I looked so cute, so innocent that time!

I remember a Fancy dress competition, where I dressed like a nurse and my brother was the doctor. And I carried a tray with all those fake medicines and injections etc which are found in the doctor set. How those children made fun of me, huh, I remember everything, how they asked me ‘Arey arey nurse, ye kaunsi dawaai hai, humko bhi dedo!’

And you know what, I was sooo shy, like, the height of shyness. When I got on the stage and I just had to say something about my character, that is, a Nurse, but I didn’t utter a word, instead, I started crying. Haha, maybe my stage fear started at that very moment! And then, those teachers had to take me away. Well I was only in Junior KG then, what else do you expect?

Next, I remember all the teachers were called Sisters and there was one Father, Father Mathew. He was the principal at that time. So, once it was his birthday, haina. A day before, we all were informed that it’s Father’s birthday tomorrow and you all need to bring a gift for him. And they forced it on us to bring something for him. And the next day after the assembly, the father stood near a table where lots of chocolates were kept and we were made to walk in a queue. And one by one, he used to receive gifts from us and give chocolates to us, in return. And the biggest partiality, whoever didn’t bring anything na, he didn’t give them chocolates. Huh, I hated this thing about him, bad Father! 😐

Teachers were very cruel over there. They didn’t hesitate in beating children and that too really really bad. They used to beat us on little things like on not bringing the crayons! I mean, who does that!

And when our Auto would arrive late by only 5 minutes, they wouldn’t let us enter into the school for 2-3 lectures and when our parents used to phone them, they used to lie that your kids are in their classes.

Hehe, I even remember the names of my teachers. There was my favourite Fatima ma’am, then there was Lucy sister, Shubhra Ma’am, Sister Stella, Manoj Sir, Praveen Sir, and there was one Margaret Ma’am whom everyone dreaded of. She was like really tall, and really thin and most of all really really really cruel.

One more incident, it was my brother’s birthday, so obviously he would wear a civil dress. And as my birthday arrived in May, that is Holidays for schools, so I never got an opportunity to celebrate it in school. So my Mumma told me ki you both wear civil dress to school, tell them it’s both of yours birthday. So the next day, I went to school and when that Sister saw me and my brother both in civil dresses, she didn’t even allow me to distribute chocolates. I cried the whole day for that.

Haha, how can a Sindhi adjust in a Christian school? I mean I didn’t have any friends over there. There were just one or two. But today when they come across, nobody remembers me! They are all familiar faces for me, but they don’t identify me.

I’ve met many of them when I went to coachings, and many of them are in my college too, and one even in my class, but what’s the use of telling them all this. How would it matter if they don’t remember. I don’t know why my memory is sharp in remembering some issues but it’s really weak at some times.

It’s just that some things always remain with you. I had two friends when I was in class 2, how I wish they could recognize me when I was just facing them, but they didn’t. It’s okay, memories do stay with you. I always love thinking about that school, those teachers. It gave me soo much, haha, ABC toh vahi se seekhi haina!!

Next time, I’ll be writing about my life after class 2, that is, in “Central India Academy“, my first love! The bestest school in my city and the turn point of my life. The journey of 10 wonderful years.


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