Thankyou! :))


There comes a phase in life,
Where you’re all on your own.
Where nobody comes to guide you,
Where you need to walk alone.

When you’re struggling to realise,
What life is actually about.
Where you remain totally confused,
Where your mind is filled with doubts.

When you’re trying hard to prove,
That you’re a grown up, you’re mature.
But at times, hurt people hard,
Give them mental wounds, 
Even without a cure!

There are people who correct me,
When at times, I ain’t right.
Who always remain positive 24×7,
Who smile for me all the time!

Who always keep scolding me, 
Who tolerate my wild behaviour.
Who might be furious on me,
But whenever I cry,
They become my savior!

Who never ever show their emotions,
Who don’t need words to show they care.
Who might or not be in my life,
But wanna make sure I’m safe and fine.
Who’re extra caring, never leave my side,
Who can do anything to make me smile :)

Who love me unconditionally,
Who make me feel safe and protected.
Who act like my shield all the time,
Thanks for making me a better person each day!

Thank you for everything. I feel soo happy today! 
#Dedicated :)


12 thoughts on “Thankyou! :))

    1. Sir, vo haina maine blog url change kiya tha so I think mere followers bhi chale gaye, sorry!
      Achha btw, maine aapko ek award ke liye nominate kiya, have a look! :)

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