An Eventful Day! :)

Hii guys, its been two days that I haven’t blogged about anything. Actually I don’t know what to write, my mind is completely empty and I have no topics or anything particular happening in life so that I can express my views. 😅

Haha, finally, exams khatam! I gave my last paper yesterday and now there’s a Sem-Break, maybe for about 15 days or more. And I have no idea what to do!

This is about today, there’s this famous place ‘Tekri’ in my city and I had a great time there with family. As I’m a nature lover, I always love clicking pictures of nature more than selfies and stuff.
I mean, I’ve been there for like hundreds of times, but it was different today. It was just peaceful. I could feel the silence, the tranquility of the environment. It was amazing!

Plus, as it was around 6 P.M., I even got to have a look at the sunset! Oh god, how I loved everything, those flowers, trees, the sky, birds, sunset, people, temples, simply everything!

It’s like if you look around, you’ll realise there’s life in every little thing. We are so busy with ourselves that we forget there are a lot of things we’re missing. Real satisfaction is in these little things we miss out everyday.

I just loved the feel, the aura of that place, and I want my life to be exactly like that, silent, happy, peaceful. I have no words to describe that, so you just gotta feel it! 😇






4 thoughts on “An Eventful Day! :)

  1. Sometimes the nature hits you softly & your arms feel like you need more of it, the wind, the light, the trees, sunsets/sunrise.. everything! And also travelling does the same to you. :)

    Your photography is also perfect! Thanks, Chandni. :)

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