Forced things never last!


Poetry prompt – Forced things never last

Forced things never last,
There’s always a limit,
There’s always a breaking point.
People might ask for chances,
Once, twice or maybe thrice.
But they become helpless,
When you ignore their attempts.
They all start fading away,
Because of your stubborn attitude.

Forced things never last,
Stop dominating all the time,
Stop forcing and start accepting.
Consider their point of view,
Listen to what they wanna say.
For once, hear their problems,
Afterall, understanding is the base.

Forces things never last,
Don’t come across like rude and careless,
Don’t make them feel like they’re worthless.
Every individual needs respect,
Don’t forget to show them that you do.
Give up sometimes to win their heart,
Don’t keep forcing them all the time,
Sometimes just set them free,
Real pleasure comes when things happen unexpectedly!

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